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About Our Studio

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Real Interface Studios is a Digital comic book, web, and New Media production studio in north New Jersey, USA.


Established back in 2003, we have since expanded from our passion to publish digital Graphic Novels to include other forms of media such as web applications and video webseries productions.

Our studio is always on the lookout for potential collaborators and/or other artists who would like to join our team.

Real Interface Studios also offer our skills to assist other creators and companies with any design and conversion services as well as Audiobook productions you may need. 





If you are an author and want a beautiful cover art for your book, we have a variety of styles available ranging from Traditional Stencil, ink, Painting, manga, anime/cartoon, and more. 



We are artists experienced in years of photo editing, logo and layout designing, and everything else your business or club will need if you have a demand for highly compelling and creative visual branding.


Do you like how our website looks? We can build and design gorgeous looking websites for your special interest or business. 

Fully dynamic with HTML 5, the websites we design will give you a very professional impression and practical implementation with SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Guaranteed layout compatibility 

across platform mobile devices. 

Video Editing & Production

From editing special event recordings such as wedding videos to product demo reels, our Studio can produce the perfect video presentation for you.



We now offer full production services for Authors who want their published novels turned into Audiobooks:

Peter J. Ang

Author, Web/Graphic Designer, Video Editor/Producer.

Jin Song Kim

Illustrator, Graphic Designer, Painter, and writer.

We can produce product reels, such as new title releases and announcements. Watch the sample:

C.B. McCullough

Editor, Proof-reader, and Co-writer. Corey provides exceptional story treatment to our books in novel form.

Ashley Trevathan

Voice Talent for Audiobook projects and webseries Host.


Derek Newman

Voice Talent: Narrator of our Cradle of Dragons Audiobook.

Callyn Dorval

Voice Talent: Narrator of our PANDORA End of Days Audiobook.

Matt Baca

Voice Talent: Plays "Ryan Fontanella" in our Cradle of Dragons Audiobook.

Katrina Tortorici

Voice Talent: Plays "Miki" in our Cradle of Dragons Audiobook.


Christopher Bacchus

Voice Talent: Plays "Dan Debroin" in our Cradle of Dragons Audiobook.

Shannon Selis 

Voice Talent: Plays "Kiira" in our Cradle of Dragons Audiobook.

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