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Audiobook Production Service

Have you thought about turning your published novel into an audiobook?


Don’t settle for the usual monotone read of a single narrator trying to perform all the characters in your book.


Your best works of fiction should come alive with an ensemble cast, complemented with sound effects and wonderful background music. Completely captivating your listener with the immersive experience of an audio-drama.

At Real Interface Studios, we can produce audiobooks with your choice of narrator voice type, a cast of professional voice actors to play all your characters' dialogues, and a final mix of our own audio engineering, music composition, and creative direction.

Quality Work You Can Be Proud Of
Audiobook Production Sample

The completed product would be an audiobook that thoroughly envelops the listener with the joy of watching a blockbuster movie with their ears!


Not convinced yet? Just listen to these samples and hear for yourself what we can do for you.

Let's Get It Done!

So… if all that is to your liking, hurry and Contact Us now! Your book deserves to be enjoyed on a higher platform. We’ll even help you launch your title on and guarantee that the audiobook we produce are up to ACX quality standards.


Projects are worked on a first come first serve basis. Full production audiobooks can take anywhere from several weeks to a couple of months to finish. Production fees and rates are determined after an initial project assessment, per project basis.

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