CryptoFan.Art NFT and canvas ART Paintings
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The Great Crypto FUD FIRE of 2021 

To commemorate the tumultuous journey of the Crypto-currency market, we have depicted the major events that has happened in the year 2021.

Beautifully painted in digital format by Ukrainian artist Modernoise with creative direction by Peter J. Ang, Real Interface Studios proudly presents to you the opportunity of a lifetime to own for yourself a copy of history as a Canvas Art painting for your personal use or investment. 

Delight at the dark but humorous caricatures of public figures involved in spreading Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt in their quest to drive the Crypto market prices down. 

As well as a salute to our favorite rising Crypto YouTube influencer, Brian Jung and friends!


Only 1,000 copies are printed. Once they're gone, the NFT of The Great Crypto FUD Fire of 2021 will be minted, and no Canvas paintings of this art will be printed again.

The Great Crypto FUD Fire of 2021

24" x 36" Canvas Painting

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The Great Crypto FUD Fire of 2021

30" x 40" Canvas Painting

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