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Cradle of Dragons 
A Massively Multiplayer Offline Fantasy Island Adventure



Role Playing Games are taken to a whole new level of immersion when BattleHelm, the leading developer of Augmented Reality systems, builds the world's largest theme park on a remote island in the Philippines modeled after the most popular MMO. 

Imagine what it's like to experience your favorite videogame in real life... 

Well, that's what Ryan Fontanella discovered for himself when he accepted an all-expenses-paid travel package offer to the island. 

But when the extremely advanced deployment of technology far exceeds his expectations, he learns that even the ultimate place of escapism can't break free from the familiarity of human nature. 

Enter a realm where the combination of holographic effects and animatronic beasts blur the difference between fantasy and reality. 

Enter... the Cradle of Dragons.

Story written by:  Peter J. Ang

Treatement by:    C.B. McCullough

Illustrations by:    Jin Song Kim

This Audiobook features an ensemble cast, complete with sound effects and wonderful music productions added to give the listener an enjoyable immersive experience. 

Production Credits: 

Story & Creative Direction by....     Peter J. Ang
Narrated by....                                    Derek Newman 


Ryan Fontanella played by....         Matt Baca
Dan DeBroin played by....               Chris Bacchus 
Miki played by....                                Katrina Tortorici
Selena played by....                          Nicole Candian
Priestess Guide played by....          Ashley Trevathan
Kiira played by....                               Shannon Selis 
Yuuna played by....                           Callyn Dorval
Miranda played by....                        Redd Horrocks

        Special Thanks to the other talents who provided voices for background support characters: 

        Callyn Dorval                             Ryan Vollmer
        Sheiffer Bates                            Mikhael Jacob
        Alastair James Murden            Steve Bottrell
        KC IJ

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