Our Graphic Novels
Cradle of Dragons 
A Massively Multiplayer Offline Fantasy Island Adventure

Our newest Title released. Available in Kindle Format and an exciting Audiobook featuring a radio-drama style production an ensemble cast! 


PANDORA: End of Days

Our best-selling Zombie story graphic novel that has stayed on the Top of the Amazon Kindle Marketplace's MANGA Category for 2 years in a row! 


JTF-3 Counter Ops

Our classic collection of 5 published comic issues of our very first works. 120 pages of full color gorgeous artwork by Jin Song Kim and action-packed story telling by Peter J. Ang! 

CRYPTO F​anArt Canvas Prints
Crypto Canvas 1d.jpg

The Great Crypto FUD Fire of 2021

24" x 36" Canvas Print

Delight at the dark but humorous caricatures of public figures involved in spreading Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt in their quest to drive the Crypto market prices down.