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#1 Best Selling MANGA on Amazon Kindle 3 Years in a Row!


The most amazing archaeological discovery of our time-- a sarcophagus from an ancient civilization that predates the Egyptian Pyramids by more than fifty thousand years--is being broadcast as a live public exhibit on national TV.

But in their haste to reveal a glimpse of what could be the origin of mankind, the scholars of the OBARI Foundation instead unleash an ancient plague upon the modern world.

This is the age-old story of the curious--and of those who must race to close the door on what should never have been opened . . .

This is PANDORA, the End of Days... 

Story written by:  Peter J. Ang

Illustrationed by:    Jin Song Kim

Edited by:             Michael McDonough



Novel Cover.jpg

                         FANGORIA Reviews:

"Author Peter J. Ang keeps his three subplots running at full speed, switching back and forth between the perspectives. This gives an omniscient point-of-view to the narrative and provides suspense as to how the protagonists will finally come together.

The excellent artwork by Jin Song Kim captures the tension and panic. Readers should pay close attention to the distinct zombie design and transformation. PANDORA: END OF DAYS is an action-filled delight... 

                                                                                                                                  - Jorge Solis, Fangoria Magazine.

                        FANBOYComics.Net Reviews: 

"I really liked the explanation of the zombie apocalypse, which in this case isn't just a vehicle to tell stories in, it is a significant part of the story. The mystical components in particular are intriguing and something I'm looking forward to the series covering more in depth in future volumes. I really dug the art style in this book which is a blend of Japanese and American styles, using manga-like character designs and fashion but with fully detailed and, quite clearly, American set pieces. 

The book has a clean art style with a ton of attention paid to the details that looks gorgeous on the page. The “zombies” in this title are not your typical shambling dead, looking more demonic in many cases than walking corpses. This design makes the undead look creepier in a way and feel a world apart from the zombies of other comic series.

The series is in a black and white style shaded to make it look like a black and white movie rather than a comic. All the gray tones inserted go a long way to achieving this classic horror feel. There's just something about a zombie apocalypse that makes it look better without color." 

                                                                                                                                 - Kristine Chester, 

Pandora: End of Days

(12" x 18" Free S&H in USA)

Pandora: End of Days

(12" x 18" Free S&H in USA)

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