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Story written by:     Peter J. Ang

Illustrationed by:    Jin Song Kim

Edited by:               Michael McDonough

This is the Complete Collection of the 5 issue comic book mini-series.

134 Full-size Digitally Colored Pages of non-stop Action!

Joint Task Force 3 is a U.N.-sanctioned group with the most elite Special Forces Operatives and Law-Enforcement officers from around the world.

Attempting to thwart a Terrorist organization from acquiring weapons of mass destruction, JTF-3 soon find themselves caught in a crossfire.

Can they outthink or outgun a threat to U.S. allies that may have domestic ties? A cautionary tale that may prove too close to reality to pass as fiction.

If your style is anime Manga action, JTF-3 Counter Ops is number one with a bullet!




" The cover is just a taste of the good art in Counter Ops.


The battle is especially well drawn with hand-to-hand as well as gun fighting. And things are explained in the midst of it all which makes it seem relatively real in time instead of having to read four pages of straight dialogue then have nothing but battle.


The plot as well as the order of presentation within the story are well thought-out. It is energetic with action, brains, and (of course) sexiness. This series is off to a good start! " 

                                                                                                                                 - Sheila McNeil, SequentialTart 

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